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    Terms & Conditions

  • Innowrap is a leading provider of services in all IT domains. The conditions listed below set out the terms under which Innowrap shall provide the services to its clients. So by accessing the website, you are providing your consent of agreement with all the terms and conditions of use as well as any applicable laws. If you beg to differ, you are outlawed from using the services.
  • Terms of Payment
  • The fees that are payable to Innowrap is subject to the following conditions:
    • The payments shall be made within 3 days from the date of the invoice, directly into Innowrap’s bank account, whose details will be mentioned in the invoice. If the client wishes to execute any other mode of payment, a prior request has to be made.
    • After the deadline for the payment has elapsed, the client without any further warning shall have to bear an additional 2% weekly interest charge on the total amount due, unless the statutory interest rate applicable on the point is higher. If it is, statutory interest rate will apply.
    • Any additional expenses incurred by Innowrap at the time of implementation of services such as any travel expenses, accommodation or any incidental expense shall be borne by the client.
    • In any unforeseen case of liquidation or bankruptcy, all the claims and obligations of the client towards the company shall be payable on demand.
    • In case of project cancellation, a cancellation fee will be dully charged. This fee shall equate to the amount of work completed at the time of cancellation. Non-payment of the cancellation fee will call for legal action against the client.
    • All the third party requirements such as the server, playstore deployment cost, app store deployment cost, external API, images, graphics or logos shall be extended by the clients to Innowrap. It should be correctly noted that the fee quoted by Innowrap does NOT include any third party cost.
  • Fees Structure
  • All the fees and cost estimates do not carry tax or any other applicable taxes (unless otherwise stated). These shall be added to the final invoice based upon the prevailing rates on the date of the invoice.
  • If in case a fixed amount of fees is not agreed, the fees will then be resolved on the basis of actual hours toiled for the project completion. Under normal circumstances, the usual hourly rate will be applicable unless a specific hourly rate has been agreed upon.
  • Innowrap follows a strict schedule under which all the payments should be dully made:
    • 30% of the payment shall be done in advance prior to the commencement of the service period.
    • Next 30% after the approval of the design.
    • 20% of the remaining amount aon 75% completion of the project.
    • Final 20% at the time of delivery.
  • Note:All the fees payable to Innowrap under the agreement must sincerely be paid in full without any deduction or set off.
  • General Working Terms
    • Innowrap shall provide the contents and design to the client for an approval as and when they are completed. Innowrap will wait for a term of 3 days to receive a feedback from the client on the shared work. In case of no response, the material will be conjectured as approved and accepted by the client.
    • The client holds a copyright of all the files and graphics provided by them to Innowrap that need to be included in the project. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain full proof copyrights and further grant Innowrap the permission to use the same. The client should indemnify that Innowrap will not be held responsible for any claims resulting from the negligence of the client to acquire proper copyrights.
    • Innowrap will always try its best to reach all deliveries within the stipulated time frame. However sometimes there might arise a need to extend the timeline owing to any unanticipated situation such as unavailability of resources, delay in support from third party, deployment issues, communication gaps etc.
    • Innowrap is not responsible for any data entry or any custom graphic related task unless previously stated and paid for after proper approval of both the parties.
    • Innowrap does not hold any responsibility in regard to any modifications stated by the client or a third party after the completion of the project.
  • Approvals and Delivery
    • If it has been agreed that the project will be completed in phases, Innowrap will suspend the work belonging to the subsequent phase until the client has successfully approved and paid for the results acquired in the previous stage.
    • After a service has been well executed (website design or development), the website will be uploaded for the clients approval to Innowrap’s customer server area. Following the approval, it will be uploaded to the final destination server. Innowrap has absolute right of delaying the uploading of the website in case of any delay in the payment.
    • Under normal circumstances, Innowrap has a right to showcase or use the completed works or website as a reference to their prospective clients. If the client wants to withhold the passing on such information, he has to notify Innowrap well in advance and thereby request a formal approval for the same.
    • All the information that the client understands is necessary for the performance of the project, should be proffered to Innowrap well in time. In case of a delay, Innowrap hold the right to suspend the performance of the project or charge the client for additional costs that may arise owing to the delay.
    • All the material as well as the codes developed from the project shall only be transferred to the client after receiving the final payments.
  • Re-work, Enhancements and Add on Billings
    • Any additional changes not anticipated earlier will only be contemplated through a proper change management procedure and will be additionally billed. This will also bring in an appendage in the timescale and cost of delivery.
    • Majority of the minor changes or re-works shall be completed within the stipulated time frame without any supplemented charges. However, if it seems too much, we shall bill such works additionally based on the number of working hours pitched in.
    • Any change or re-work requested by the client after a formal approval whilst furthering the subsequent stage shall be considered as an add-on and therefore will be additionally billed.
  • Liability
    • Innowrap by no means shall be liable for any damages suffered by the client which may include damages due to errors in materials, advices or automated files, client not adhering to the advices by the company, faulty text or illustrations, failure in electronic services of the company etc.
    • Innowrap is not liable for any consequential, indirect or trading loss caused by the third party engaged for the performance of the project.
    • If the client bears any complaint in regard to the performance or failure to perform a task, it must be submitted in proper writing by the client within 30 days after the occurrence of loss, on forfeiture of claim.
    • The client shall reimburse Innowrap in matter of liability against a third party regarding the loss of any kind, transpiring in connection with the performance of the agreement.
  • Timescale
    • Innowrap will always aim upon completing all the promised services well within time. The project timescale shall commence on receiving both the agreed initial deposit and the necessary information regarding the project from the client.
    • If Innowrap expects that it will not be able to meet to project timescale, it shall inform the client about the same.
  • Jurisdiction
  • All the agreements between the concerned parties and obligations arising from or even related to them shall be governed by the laws of India. The courts of India hold supreme discretion while settling any dispute that may arise in relation to the listed Terms & Conditions.

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