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Success Stories

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is one of India’s largest retail store that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Big Bazaar teamed up with Innowrap Technologies and LK Saatchi to create Big Bazaar online store. It is a multifunctional application for transforming shopping experience at Big Bazaar.


Cello is one of the oldest companies manufacturing plastic items and containers in India. Since a very long time despite competition, Cello has always been a market-leader in the budget friendly lightweight compactly designed tiffin box segment, that have helped at least two generations of Indians carry home-cooked food. Cello joined hands with Innowrap Technologies to create Cello World, an online showroom for all Cello products.


HDFC is India’s largest private sector bank providing a number of products and services including wholesale banking, retail banking, treasury, auto loans, two wheeler loans, personal loans, loans against property and credit cards. Bancassurance was created by Innowrap Technologies for HDFC’s employees as an aggregation platform for selling various 3rd party insurance based products.

Saath 7

Wonder Cement is an Indian cement manufacturing company enriched with the heritage of R.K. Marble, a leading name in the marble industry around the world. Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav was Wonder Cement's endeavour to empower rural India with the power to unlock their potential and help the stars of the future in turning their dreams into reality.


Established in 1976, TOC Events Worldwide provides a high quality conference and exhibition for cargo owners, ports, shipping and terminal professionals. TOC Events take place worldwide in Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa and Middle East. Innowrap Technologies and Geecon Global created an online platform for TOC Events...


Truckbhada is India’s largest third party logistics and transportation service provider. As a non-asset provider, Truckbhada develops advanced supply chain solutions which get delivered through its qualified partner network of truck carriers.


Helper4u are industry veterans connecting maids, drivers, cooks and other helpers with employers at homes and offices.Innowrap Technologies built a user friendly portal for them to connect the job giver for abcde: aaya, bai, cook, driver, and everyone similar, with suitable job seekers in their locality. This does away with the need of any agency or middleman for the job seeker as well as giver by providing hyperlocal opportunities, helper4u is also enabling “mobility by choice rather than migration by force” for the poor, uneducated job seekers.


Chain2Bollywood+ is India's Biggest Talent Management Agency with around 3,000,00 Users across India. Innowrap Technologies helped Chain2Bollywood+ to take their business online by building a 360 degree portal. The portal provided a platform for those people who are interested in making a career in show business, writing, editing, productions, photography and many more to showcase your talents, get hired and to fulfill their dreams.


Redjobs is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Mumbai with over 10 years of experience in HR Management and Recruitment. In 2016, Red Jobs turned to Innowrap Technologies to leverage the online medium of doing business. Innowrap Technologies created Red Jobs application that enabled them to dramatically transform their workflow. Using the application they could post their client’s job vacancies accessible to candidates across the globe.

Bite In Nite

Bite in Nite is one of India’s first Quick Service Restaurant solely dedicated for making food available at night between 7pm to 4am. With students, office workers, families together working day and night, food is often the entity that is being missed out or at times over spent on. To resolve this, Bite in Nite came up with this idea of serving quality food to the customers from 7 pm to 4 am at affordable prices, in the hour of need.

Zoop Call

Education India Topper (Eitopper) are pioneers in interactive classroom technology in India, offering digital classrooms solutions to over 1500 schools, 0.5 million + students and educators all across India. Zoop Call: is a part of tele-calling facility for Eitopper made to support their internal operations by providing services like creating campaigns, auto-dialers, reporting, custom disposition etc.

Venus Awards UK

In 2009, Venus Awards was created to applaud and reward working women who are so often starved of adequate recognition and workable life-balance. With 30 ceremonies across 14 regions of UK, Venus Awards has been successful in actively influencing a movement of change to a more equitable and inclusive society. Venus Awards teamed up with Innowrap Technologies and Geecon Global to create Venus Awards Portal for organising Venus Awards by engaging award nominators...

Global HR UK

Global HR are one of UK’s leading software companies specialising in applications for Human Resources Management (HRM). They have a long track record of delivering successful HR solutions on an international basis. Innowrap Technologies developed a SaaS platform enabling them to deliver custom solutions first as client/server, then across the web, and now from the cloud. The SaaS portal let their clients manage talent, manage performance and get real time analytics with a few simple clicks.

Megha Tea

Umaraj Trading and Company are one of India’s leading distributors of Red label, Taj and many other tea brands. They also have their own tea brand by the name of MeghaRaj and they cater to B2B and B2C segments. MeghaRaj Tea was looking to looking to leverage the online medium and was in pursuit of automating their systems. Innowrap Technologies devised a suit of ERP/CRM applications for them which helped them realise their goal.


L&T Electrical & Automation is a major business portfolio of Larsen & Toubro.Its products and solutions cater to industry, utility, building and home, infrastructure and agriculture segments. As their Technical Partners Innowrap Technologies was the force behind Paras, an IOT based application communicating seamlessly with L&T manufactured devices like Mpower and i-Smart used for automating farmer’s day to day tasks like starting a water pump.


Established in 2001, Nesttech India Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading wholesale distributors of Asia’s finest brand of Security products like home automation, vehicle tracker, gsm modem, gsm intruder alarm, gsm auto dialer, digital safe, fire alarm, hotel door locks etc. Innowrap Technologies collaborated with Nesttech to lend Technical support for building one of their trademark home automation product known as Appelec.

Magic Carpet

Welspun Group is a multinational company whose core industries are steel, energy, and textile. Welspun is one of India's fastest growing conglomerates, doing business in over 50 countries with 24,000 employees and over 100,000 shareholders. Welspun strives to create path breaking products that are driven by Innovation. Welspun handed the responsibility of developing one such textile based product named Magic Carpet to Innowrap Technologies.


Guru Krupa is one the leading textile manufacturing firms which also focuses on designs and innovative imprintings on fabrics. To drive up the sales of some of their flagship print designs, Innowrap Technologies developed an Augmented Reality application known as GK-3D for Guru Krupa. The primary goal of the application is to make these flagship fabric designs interactive when the mobile camera is focussed on them.

Let's Play Holi

Let's Play Holi is a game based on one of India’s most prominent festivals, Holi. The gameplay is simple - With the Holi spirit in mind, you have to colour residents of your apartment. Windows of the apartment will open randomly for a very short time, within that time duration you have to spray your spray gun aiming for the residents. Let’s see how much of a havoc you can create before everyone drives you out of town.

Deal Skyfall

Big Bazaar is one of India’s largest retail store that operates as a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Big Bazaar teamed up with Innowrap Technologies and LK Saatchi to create Deal Skyfall. Deal Skyfall is a campaign based game created to engage audiences during one of Big Bazaar’s flagship event, Sabse Saste 5 Din. It was successful in driving large amount of footfalls during the event.

Innowrap partners
Innowrap partners