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Android application development

Having a complete knowledge of all elemental android features and diverse SDKs such as 3D Graphics, OpenGL, Android Security Architecture, Android Media APIs, WI-FI APIs, Location Based Service APIs and other technologies, we are able to generate top notch android applications for our customers. We are a full service Android application development company tailoring custom mobile applications for both smartphones as well as tablet computers.

    Android App Development Process

  • Information Gathering: Off course, our primary step involves our deep endeavours to comprehend your business requirements. After knowing about your business grails and philosophies, we proceed towards formulating the basic goal of the entire app development process.
  • Wire- framing: In the second step, we develop a comprehensive blue print of the android app for your reference. This includes the platform details, attributes, feasibility choices and specifications. This will help you in ascertaining if the android app in in sync with your expectations.
  • Design: This is the stage where our Android app development team focuses on designing the app, ensuring that all the bases are dully covered. Here, the functionality, budget, timeline and design concepts are taken into consideration. You are also provided with static mockups of different screens of the app, giving you a vivid idea on how the app will come out to look.
  • Development: This step involves with the designing of user interface, coding within the decided timeframe. Different techniques are deployed at the code level, usability and marketing for retaining the quality. The prototypes of the android app are repeatedly sent over for approval. Some features such as SQLite Database, list view, navigation etc. are well taken care of during this process.
  • Testing: The android app is passed through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure proper functionality throughout the developmental process.
  • Market Submission: In this stage, your android app is uploaded to the android market. We also help to create a developer’s account, providing you with full rights of the account including the pricing.

IOS application development

Our extensively innovative iOS development team builds gorgeous and profuse mobile applications. Crafted for success, our apps leverage the ubiquitous technologies from the prevalent iOS SDK to give you a great edge over your competitors.

Also, our expert designers work with the highest level of assiduity for creating eminently innovative and instinctive user interface. The iOS app that will be delivered to you will have the power to captivate the users, amplifying your customer base and loyalty.

    IOS App Development Process

  • Idea: Yes we know that an idea can change a life. Being the most vital part, we help you to edifice robust ideas that will be the ultimate fit for your iOS app requirement.
  • Planning: After embarking upon an idea, we now create your roadmap for success. We plan the way ahead for executing the idea, with the cardinal goal being maximization of output, minimization of the input together within a matchless timeline.
  • UI/UX Design: Mobile UI is a key fact of mobile app development. We create user- friendly creative designs for app development seeking to capture interest of your target audience.
  • Code Development: All our precious ingenious hours are consummated here. We aim to develop the best codes by writing them in the XCODE IDE which incorporates a code editor as well as a GUI for developing a seamless code environment.
  • Testing: Our iOS apps are passed through a rigorous channel to ensure that the app is free from any mechanical fallacies or layout glitches. Our quality checking procedure is systematized to ascertain a high grade delivery.
  • Launch & Support: At Innowrap, we follow a clear cut release cycle plan for the deployment of our iOS applications. We launch our end product with an oath of endless support.

Hybrid application development

Innowrap’s expertise in hybrid mobile application development is endowed by its outstandingly consummate and technically sagacious development team. With their proficiency in all advanced spheres such as JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS3 in all present day technologies such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator, SproutCore, they develop apps that interact. Our app development team is capable of creating custom hybrid apps that work across different platforms and devices, aiding the clients to lower down their costs, gain an instant market delivery and thereby outreach a wider audience.

    Hybrid App Development Process

  • As a primary step, we sit with our clients to have a detailed discussion regarding their requirements and preferences as to how their mobile application should be developed
  • Next, our skilled consortium of technical app developers make use of various programming languages such as HTML 5, CSS, Javascript to create hybrid apps that target a webview hosted within a native container.
  • We access the different device capabilities through different plugins using the power of Apache Cordova along with its set of Javascript APIs.
  • In the next step, by leveraging the Apache Cordova, we package app sets in order to target platform specific SDKs and thus create the complete hybrid app.
  • We seek to enhance the hybrid application functionalities by using various IDEs such as Visual Studio, Telerik Platform etc.
  • We make sure that our app is absolutely bug free and functions well by passing it through the different channels of scrutiny. Our rigorous testing channels use both, automatic testers as well as manual testing procedures ensuring a quality deliverable.
  • When it comes to timelines, we just don’t give ourselves any margins. By completing the app within the stipulated timeframe, we deliver it by publishing it in the relevant app store.

Web development

Web development services hold a significant place in communication as well as marketing systems of an organization regardless of size. If a company does not have a website it lags behind in race to make profits and reach out to people. Most of the companies now put in lot of emphasis in web development services.

    Web Development Services

  • Content Management System
  • Web Application
  • Ecommerce
  • SEO
  • Custom Web Development
  • Web Portal Re- development
  • User experience Development
  • Internet strategy development
  • Social Networks
  • Web app development

Our vision is turning your ideas into concrete form. These days’ websites have become your first point of contact with your clients. So we concentrate on website development by putting into use state of art technologies, so as to fulfill the needs as well as requirements of the customers. We also accomplish the task of recreating websites for business needs in accordance to latest standards and trends of the industry. Our web app development team will offer you unique user friendly apps to capture the interest of end user.


Explainer videos

With the dawn of present day technology and eminently inventive ideas, videos have just become a thing of the past. People are becoming increasingly inclined towards innovative abstractions that showcase exhaustive explanation with relevance to a specific subject. Notwithstanding the topic, an explainer video can give conscientious and explicit explanation about the preliminaries of the theme along with reflecting the future orientation of a business organization. The prime intent to make explainer video is to fabricate a deep understanding between the visionaries and the public through a bilateral communicational approach.

    Video Creation Process

  • Choose an Animation Style: You can really succor YouTube or maybe some other startup websites in order to discover the animation style you like
  • Script Creation: Off course, you know your business inside out. Just let us know few prime points that you want to put across the video and we will develop them further. We will meet all your script writing needs by zeroing in on what sets you apart from your competitors. Our efficacious script always ends with a call to action. We let your viewers know what they should do after watching the video. After all, the overriding impetus of making an explainer video is CONVERSION
  • Selecting a Voice Over: After sealing the script, it’s time to select a competent voice over. We will proffer you with a selection of 10 – 15 voice over artists to choose from. To help to embark on an intelligent decision, we shall provide you with the first 20 seconds of your script.
  • Character Design & Music: Voluptuous cartoon style animation or merely stick figures? A rip roaring musical background or something more sanguine? You name it and we provide it. Our creative bohemians intricately work upon developing the essential design elements in accordance with your needs that will help in procuring the best startup explainer videos.
  • Animation:Get ready for the most exciting part, Animation! Once the design elements have been approved, we shall provide you with the first cut of your explainer video. Unlimited changes and unlimited iterations, no worries. Our technical consortium endeavors to dispense just the best.
  • Keeping the Explainer Video & Main Action Compact: When uploading the video to your website, we make sure that the call to action button is put close to the video. Watching the video, if the viewer gets sold on your business, we make it painless for him to take an action.

Digital Marketing

As oppose to the earlier times, when marketing was all about a ‘pay to play’ model, the large enterprises would simply get away without engaging their prospective clients. Lately, this approach has undergone an exemplar shift, owing to the incendiary growth of the social media. This has proved to be a boon for the small scale enterprises, who without an unfathomed marketing budget have become capable enough to go heads up with their competitors. The conventional ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach has now become obsolete as the customers have full access to the media network, making them more informed than ever.

Innowrap, the leading digital marketing agency, focuses on applying a progressive e-marketing approach to profound business issues and delivering robust solutions to fabricate a friendly online customer experience on all your web properties.

    Our Services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : We offer customized SEO solutions for your business and help you gain awareness and visibility. It is crucial to be listed on the first page in order to guarantee a robust internet presence. With us, you can be assured of being placed among the top ranking SEO positions. We compete for #1 Google rank and with our highly competent SEO strategy, we aim to achieve it in the quickest time span. Our advanced link building program will help you to target potential audience, thus inflating your domain of influence.
  • Pay Per Click Services:PPC marketing campaign allows you to pay for the top spots on the search engines and appear on the relevant partner websites. With our highly constructive PPC strategy and proprietary tools, you will not only enjoy a lead ranking but also a greater click through and a higher conversion rate.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): At Innowrap, our marketing practitioners apply highly focused SMM strategies through detailed research, analysis, evaluation & implementation. With community creation as the goal, we make sure that the brand visibility takes the center stage. All our endeavors are concentrated towards helping you achieve augmented visibility within the community along with a high branding outreach.
  • Content Marketing: We at Innowrap handle all your content marketing processes. We write convincing content that enhances your website performance. Our competent copywriters are able to bring in innovative ideas for the current business needs.
  • Ecommerce Solutions:With our interactive marketing and branding strategies, we seek to exhume innovative ways of selling a product. Our engaging and unique e-commerce marketing strategies have greatly benefited our clients. Abandoned carts, loyalty points, remarketing, rewards and referral and more, we excel in all.
  • Email Marketing: Our email marketing services can help you grab all better deals and leads. We help you to achieve a close contact with your customers through newsletters and improved email campaigns. You can conveniently automate your marketing channels with official or personal data use, depending upon your contacts.


We understand that each business enterprise is different and has entirely unique needs. Innowrap’s open technology ERP & CRM solution providers construct highly customized tailored solutions that cater to your specific business requirements. With the help of evinced technologies, we meet all your IT needs. Our mavericks execute solutions with a quick time to market while helping the organizations to successfully plan their ERP & CRM implementation projects to reap increased benefits and eliminate the disruption or delays associated with the deployment of company’s software.

    Our CRM Services

  • Planned CRM Consulting
  • Implementation and Customization
  • Data Migration Services
  • CRM Product Upgradation
  • CRM Support and Improvement
  • CRM Add-ons


With the growing number of smartphone users draining numberless hours playing games on their laptops, tablets and mobile devices, the demand for eminent gaming applications has never been higher. Innowrap has assisted several clients to successfully develop bug-free gaming apps that run potently across distinct platforms.

Our games eliminate the borderline between gaming and reality. Our incisive understanding and proficiency over games make us predominantly favored as the best gaming company. By designing beautiful games with a rock solid code base, we are destined to dominate the market.

    Technologies We Use

  • Unity 3D: Unity 3D is a breakthrough game development platform that is used to fabricate enticing video games for PC, mobile devices, consoles and websites. With an extensive set of 2D and 3D gaming tools, the amazing game rendering software allows a onetime build out as well as a multi-platform deployment of a single high performing code. This paramount software enables us to develop and replicate the exact requirements of our customers, strengthening our game development forte.
  • GameMaker:This is the ideal tool for developing social and casual games for iOS, android, desktop and the web. With GameMaker’s single codebase, the game is directly exported to all supported platforms. It implements AAA game features that help to bring the games to life with 2D physics, creating an active player base with cross platform network play.
  • Construct 2: Construct 2 is an extremely powerful yet lightweight, no coding HTML5 game development framework that helps to create robust 2D games that binds the users. Our experience in game development has enabled us to become absolutely comfortable with Construct 2 and build outstanding 2D games.
  • We work in alliance with multi-disciplinary teams
  • We endure a constructive feedback on our work
  • Cent per cent secure, genuine and quality oriented working process
  • Actively keeping you in loop throughout the application development process
  • Absolute confidentiality of all data
  • Comprehending the mobile app development concept
  • Adroit app developers
  • Consumer centric methodology
  • Moderate Pricing
  • Adept Developers
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Seamless Communication

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